Recent Projects

Losing Power

2017 | Team of Three

losing power screenshot

Made for Ludum Dare Game Jam in 36 hours in July 2017. LD Theme: ‘Losing Power’. In a blacked out city with flickering street lights, players must find batteries to keep their flashlight shining – or else.

Capio Speech Recognition API

2017 | Solo Project

A 24 hour coding challenge to build a back-end API that uses’s speech recognition technology. Exposes a single API route that can receive audio files, pass them to the Capio back-end for automatic transcription, and returns that transcription as JSON to the user. It also allows persistent storage of transcriptions with a PostgreSQL database.

Built with: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Capio API

IBM Watson Search and Rescue – Unity / C#

2017 | Team of Two

Made in 36 hours, IBM Watson Search and Rescue models a coordinated drone swarm with IBM Watson Visual Recognition API. Shows how machine learning could aid large-scale search & rescue at sea. The drone swarm searches and finds an overturned boat in 1km^2 to-scale model of open ocean. A trained custom classifier from the Watson API detects anomalies in the water and filters signal from noise using real-time drone images.

Built with: Unity, C#

Ground Control VR – AFrame/Aframe-React/Firebase/React/Redux

2017 | Team of Four

ground control screenshot

An interstellar virtual reality simulation about clear communication and pair programming. Uses Firebase and WebAudio API to mimic Apollo-style radio transmissions. Asymmetric simulation where Ground Control sees a browser dashboard and pilot is immersed in VR.

Built with: AFrame/Aframe-React, Firebase, React/Redux, and WebAudio for the Google Daydream.

Mention by the Aframe development team here

Learn how to make immersive Apollo-style VR audio using nothing but the browser

Quick Draw Coding – Unity3D/C# (Coming to Steam July 2017)

2017 | Solo Project

quick draw coding

A Wild West adventure about typing code quickly and accurately. Converts code blocks into a shooting gallery throughout a western town. Tongue-in-cheek streak system rewards accurate and fast typing! Supports typing in C, C++, Ruby, Python, HTML, Javascript, and Go.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Wisefridge – React/Redux/Node/Express/Sequelize

2017 | Team of Four

Full featured e-commerce website selling quotable fridge magnets.

Built with: React/Redux, Node, Express, and Sequelize

Escape Dead Earth (Coming to Steam and IGS in August 2017!)

2017 | Team of Two

A casual, retro strategy game about hacking robots and escaping Earth. Game was designed to use only right and left click of mouse for gameplay. I was lead designer, but not lead developer on this project.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Cartel (Defunct)

2016 | Team of Two

A large-scale simulation of entrepreneurship in cities. Multi-month prototype that simulated supply and demand market competition, externalities, crime, infrastructure, and an elaborate construction system.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Python-a-thon Projects

In November 2016, I spent a few weeks in a cabin in Culpeper, VA. I spent my time reading and writing little programs to improve at Python. These apps are prototypes and were made to learn, not for production. CV Scraper and Generator – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Generate a PDF CV from any profile

Built with: Python, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid

Theme and Variations – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Generate a musical composition in the theme-and-variations style through math

Built with: Python, Pyramid, NumPy, DataSounds

TwoHundredVideos – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Find 200 YouTube videos from any search query. Get a CSV ready for embedding!

Built with Python, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid

The Happiest Philosopher

2016 | Solo Project

NLP sentiment analysis and data visualization of famous works in philosophy. Auto-generates a graph with

Built with Python, TextBlob,, Pyramid

The Bargain Bin – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Recreates the experience of the bargain bin at a used book store. Click a button, get a weird book from

Built with Python, Requests, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid, Bootstrap

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