Recent Projects

MealPal Automator

2018 | Solo Project

Chrome extension + automation service for my MealPal account. Select a pick-up time and your three favorite restaurants. As soon as the kitchen opens it schedules your meal, so you always get something you want!

mealpal automator

Paperspace Monitor

2018 | Solo Project

Chrome Webstore

Built while working on, Paperspace Monitor is a tiny Chrome extension that checks if you have Jupyter notebooks or compute instances running on Paperspace. It reminds you each hour, so you don’t accidentally leave instances on and accumulate big monthly bills.


2018 | Solo Project

Revelry – turn your sound files into an Express server! I built this to prank my colleagues. I connected a hidden Express server to an unused bluetooth speaker in our office and mapped webhooks form our customer journey to various alert sounds.

Built with: Express, NodeJS

One-Click Dev Mode Chrome Extension

2018 | Solo Project

Available in the Chrome Store

dev mode extension gif

When testing an extension in development, it’s useful not to have any other extensions running in your browser.

One Click Dev Mode is a simple utility to disable and restore all your Chrome extensions with one click. No more incognito window for testing. And no more conflicts between your favorite extensions and the extension you’re building.

Built with: Javascript

Extension Helpers

2018 | Solo Project

Available on NPM

Promisified, cross-browser wrappers and helpers for extension APIs.

  • Normalized & Promisified: no more fussing with Chrome’s irregular callbacks, all functions returns a promise
  • Simple: hide the browser.api.action boilerplate behind function calls
  • Cross-Browser: use the same functions on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

What the Sum?

2017 | Team of Three

First Prize Winner of Google Developer Group’s DevFestNYC Firebase Hackathon 2017!

devfestNYC winner ceremony

Finance trading simulation game made for Google Developer Group’s Firebase Hackathon.

Built with: Vue.js and Firebase.

2017 | Solo Project

Freelance project built for a private client with a large distribution business. Automates order and order management processes. Customer and management facing UI using Vue.js. Uses Geolocation data to determine customer location in poorly-mapped areas in Guatemala.

Built with: Node, Express, Vue.js, and Firebase.

JSON Sorter

2017 | Team of Two

Quick UI prototype that takes in arbitrarily nested JSON. On each keypress, quickly sorts and displays the JSON that contains the value of the input.

Excel UTF8 CSV Converter

2017 | Solo Project

Tiny script that adds the Byte Order Marker (BOM) for UTF-8 at the start of a CSV. Excel will read the BOM and correctly interpret UTF-8 characters when when opening the CSV.

Losing Power

2017 | Team of Three

losing power screenshot

Made for Ludum Dare Game Jam in 36 hours in July 2017. LD Theme: ‘Losing Power’. In a blacked out city with flickering street lights, players must find batteries to keep their flashlight shining – or else.

Built with: Unity, C#

Capio Speech Recognition API

2017 | Solo Project

A 24 hour coding challenge to build a back-end API that uses’s speech recognition technology. Exposes a single API route that can receive audio files, pass them to the Capio back-end for automatic transcription, and returns that transcription as JSON to the user. It also allows persistent storage of transcriptions with a PostgreSQL database.

Built with: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Capio API

IBM Watson Search and Rescue – Unity / C#

2017 | Team of Two

Made in 36 hours, IBM Watson Search and Rescue models a coordinated drone swarm with IBM Watson Visual Recognition API. Shows how machine learning could aid large-scale search & rescue at sea. The drone swarm searches and finds an overturned boat in 1km^2 to-scale model of open ocean. A trained custom classifier from the Watson API detects anomalies in the water and filters signal from noise using real-time drone images.

Built with: Unity, C#

Ground Control VR – AFrame/Aframe-React/Firebase/React/Redux

2017 | Team of Four

ground control screenshot

An interstellar virtual reality simulation about clear communication and pair programming. Uses Firebase and WebAudio API to mimic Apollo-style radio transmissions. Asymmetric simulation where Ground Control sees a browser dashboard and pilot is immersed in VR.

Built with: AFrame/Aframe-React, Firebase, React/Redux, and WebAudio for the Google Daydream.

Mention by the Aframe development team here

Learn how to make immersive Apollo-style VR audio using nothing but the browser

Quick Draw Coding – Unity3D/C# (Coming to Steam July 2017)

2017 | Solo Project

quick draw coding

A Wild West adventure about typing code quickly and accurately. Converts code blocks into a shooting gallery throughout a western town. Tongue-in-cheek streak system rewards accurate and fast typing! Supports typing in C, C++, Ruby, Python, HTML, Javascript, and Go.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Wisefridge – React/Redux/Node/Express/Sequelize

2017 | Team of Four

Full featured e-commerce website selling quotable fridge magnets.

Built with: React/Redux, Node, Express, and Sequelize

Escape Dead Earth (Coming to Steam and IGS in August 2017!)

2017 | Team of Two

A casual, retro strategy game about hacking robots and escaping Earth. Game was designed to use only right and left click of mouse for gameplay. I was lead designer, but not lead developer on this project.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Cartel (Defunct)

2016 | Team of Two

A large-scale simulation of entrepreneurship in cities. Multi-month prototype that simulated supply and demand market competition, externalities, crime, infrastructure, and an elaborate construction system.

Built with: C#, Unity3D

Python-a-thon Projects

In November 2016, I spent a few weeks in a cabin in Culpeper, VA. I spent my time reading and writing little programs to improve at Python. These apps are prototypes and were made to learn, not for production. CV Scraper and Generator – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Generate a PDF CV from any profile

Built with: Python, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid

Theme and Variations – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Generate a musical composition in the theme-and-variations style through math

Built with: Python, Pyramid, NumPy, DataSounds

TwoHundredVideos – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Find 200 YouTube videos from any search query. Get a CSV ready for embedding!

Built with Python, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid

The Happiest Philosopher

2016 | Solo Project

NLP sentiment analysis and data visualization of famous works in philosophy. Auto-generates a graph with

Built with Python, TextBlob,, Pyramid

The Bargain Bin – Python

2016 | Solo Project

Recreates the experience of the bargain bin at a used book store. Click a button, get a weird book from

Built with Python, Requests, BeautifulSoup, Pyramid, Bootstrap

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