Who am I?

I’m a fullstack Javascript developer, resourceful entrepreneur, Unity enthusiast, and relentless optimist. A VC once described my core strength as: “The ability to perceive exactly what needs to be done. And then to do it.”

As a developer I specialize in the NERDs stack (Node, Express, React, databasing with Sequelize).

  • Proficient: Javascript (ES5/6), Node, React, Express, Sequelize, Git, Github, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, Unity
  • Knowledgeable: C#, Python, Mocha/Jasmine/Chai, jQuery, Material-UI, Aframe
  • Familiar: SQL, Hugo,

My experience working in difficult environments around the world means that I can be trusted to get things done, even when things go wrong. My by-the-bootstraps education is the subject of a chapter on grit and resilience in the bestselling book “Mindshift” by Barbara Oakley.

I’m at my best in a tight-knit team with a hard problem to solve. I entered the world of tech because I want to build things that matter, and nothing offers more leverage to improve the world than technology.

Latest Blog Post

How to build an Interstellar VR CommLink with Google Daydream and WebAudio: Part 1

What I’m Doing Now

  • Looking for a great startup to join, especially in VR/simulations, workflow management/automation, or e-commerce
  • Building stuff in Javascript and Unity/C#
  • Publishing a video game for fun

I believe in what Cal Newport calls Deep Work. I track my own on this public log.

In the past I have:

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